1.56 HCT Hard Coating Tinted Tintable Optical Lens
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1.56 HCT Hard Coating Tinted Tintable Optical Lens

  • 1.56 optical lens

  • AoGang

  • 9001509900

  • 1.56

  • 65/70 mm

  • NK55 ( imported from Japan)

  • 42

  • 1.15

  • >97%


  • SPH: 0~ -15.00, 0~ +8.00, CYL: 0~ -6.00


Product Description

                                 Refractive index                                                      1.56
                                           Diameter                                                   65/70mm
                                           Monomer                                    NK55 (imported from Japan)
                                           Abbe value                                                       42
                                           Specific Gravity                                                     1.15
                                           Guarantee                                                    5-year

Product Feature

Index 1.56: 


1.56 middle index lenses are one of the most popular lenses all over the world. This determines that Aogang 1.56 single vision lenses have the most outstanding optical features:


1. Thickness: In the same diopters, 1.56 lenses will be thinner than CR39 1.499 lenses. As the increase in diopters , the difference will be bigger.


2. Visual Effect: Compared with high index lenses, 1.56 lenses have higher ABBE value, can provide the more comfortable visual experience.


3. Coating: The uncoated lenses are easily subjicted and exposed to scratches, hard coating lenses can effectly scratch resistance.



Unlike Photochromic Lenses, solid tint lens coatings remain tinted at all times. Tints of virtually any color or darkness can be applied to eyeglass lenses. Lighter fashionable tints are often used primarily for cosmetic purposes while dark tinting can turn any pair of glasses into sunglasses. Additionally the color can be added as a solid tint where the darkness and color are consistent throughout, or as a gradient tint where the color darkness is greatest at the top of the lens and then gradually fades toward the bottomThere are plenty of options here for customization.

Coating Choice


Hard coating: Make the uncoated lenses are easily subjicted and exposed to scratches


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