1.67 UV420 Anti-reflection Coating Blue Block Lens For Blue Light Blocking Glasses
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1.67 UV420 Anti-reflection Coating Blue Block Lens For Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Blue Block
  • Aogang
  • 9001509900
  • 1.67
  • 75mm
  • MR-7, imported from Korea
  • 33
  • 1.34
  • > 97%
  • HC, HMC
  • SPH: 0.00~+-6.00 CYL: 0.00~-6.00

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Product Description






  MR-7, imported from Korea

  Abbe Value


  Specific Gravity



  > 97%

  UV Value


Vision Effect

Blue Block


  3~5 years

  Power Range:

  SPH: 0.00~+-6.00, CYL:0.00~-6.00


Product Features


blue cut 31.png
  • What Is Blue Light?


Blue light is a form of high-energy visible light that has a wavelength in the range of 380 to 500 nanometers. All digital devices emit high level of harmful blue light that causes to eyestrain, eye fatigue, headaches and insomnia.

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  • Where is blue light?

Nowadays, we spend more time using a wide variety of digital devices to work, learn and be entertained.
Recent digital screens are often equipped with powerful light source such as LED. These digital screens emit intense blue light and can cause eye strain after long exposure.

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  • Protect your eyes from blue light

1. Avoid damages to macular caused by blue light.
2. Protect macular the acutest part of vision from blue light and segregate its damages.
3. Make sight more clear and increase the contrasting of red and green. Also reducing the forming of halo and influence of eyesight by blue light will ensure traffic safety.
4. Reduce the transmission of blue light and photophobia stimulus can relieve eye fatigue, the effect of which is greatly different from the common tinting lenses in the markets.

  • Blue Cut Lenses


Blue Cut Lenses is to block and protect your eyes from high energy blue light exposure. Blue cut lens effectively blocks 100% UV and 40% of the blue light, reduces the incidence of retinopathy and provides improved visual performance and eye protection, allowing wearers to enjoy the added benefit of clearer and sharper vision, without altering or distorting color perception.

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