Photogray Film 1.56 UV420 Anti Blue Light Computer Lenses for Eye Glasses
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Photogray Film 1.56 UV420 Anti Blue Light Computer Lenses for Eye Glasses

  • Blue Block Spin Photochromic Film
  • Aogang
  • 9001509900
  • 1.56
  • 65/70mm
  • NK55, imported from Japan
  • 38
  • 1.20
  • > 97%
  • SPH: 0.00~+-6.00 CYL: 0.00~-6.00

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Product Description




1.56 Blue Cut Photochromic Film Lens

NK55, imported from Japan


Specific Gravity


Power range



SPH: 0.00~+-6.00 CYL: 0.00~-6.00

Visual Effect

UV Value


Blue Block Photochromic Film


AR Coating

Product Features

  • Blue cut lens

If you work on a computer, use a smartphone, watch TV, or simply go out in the sun, you are being exposed to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. Too much blue light exposure can damage the eyes over time and even lead to vision loss. Today, more people are wearing blue-light-blocking lenses to protect their eyes from these potentially damaging rays



Blue Cut Lenses is to block and protect your eyes from high energy blue light exposure. Blue cut lens effectively blocks 100% UV and 40% of the blue light, reduces the incidence of retinopathy and provides improved visual performance and eye protection, allowing wearers to enjoy the added benefit of clearer and sharper vision, without altering or distorting color perception.

1.56 Blue Block HMC


  • Photochromic film

Advantages of photochromic lens


Reduced costs – buying a single pair of dual purpose photochromic glasses that can provide vision for both indoors when clear and providing sunglasses protection outside is more cost effective than buying two separate pairs.


UV protection - Photochromic lenses provide full protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun and direct exposure to sunlight can cause serious eye problems and in some cases blindness.




Convenience - You only need to own 1 pair of glasses for both indoors and outdoors in the sun as opposed to needing to switch between 2 pairs of regular glasses to sunglasses. You only need to remember to take one dual purpose pair of glasses with you as no doubt at some point we have all forgotten to take our sunglasses out with us only to be caught out by the glare of the sun or even left them behind never to be seen again.


Eye Health – Reducing your exposure to the suns harmful UV rays can lower the risk of cataracts or other eye/age related problems

Coating Choice


Anti-Reflection Coating


  • Anti-reflective coating(also called AR coating or anti-glare coating) is a microscopically thin multilayer coating that eliminates reflections from the front and back surface of eyeglass lenses.


  • By doing so, AR coating makes your lenses nearly invisible so people can focus on your eyes, not distracting reflections from your eyeglasses.


  • Anti-reflective coating also eliminates glare caused by light reflecting from your lenses. So it provide better vision for night driving and more comfortable vision for reading and computer use.

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