Single vision cr39 photochromic photo gray lens blue cut optical hmc lens
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Single vision cr39 photochromic photo gray lens blue cut optical hmc lens

  • 1.56 optical lens

  • AoGang

  • 9001509900

  • 1.56

  • 65/70MM

  • NK55 ( imported from Japan)

  • 42

  • 1.15

  • >97%


  • SPH: 0.00~ ±6.00 ,CYL:0.00~ -6.00


Product Description

Diameter65/70 MM
MonomerNK55 (imported from Japan)
Corridor Length12/14mm
Abbe Value37.5
Specific Gravity1.28
Transmission> 98%
Power RangeSPH: +3.00~-3.00, ADD: +100~+300

Product Features

1. Blue Cut Lenses


What is the "Blue color light "of digital devises which is said to be the cause of glares, flickers: the shorter the wave length of the light is the more energy it has. The lights with shorter wave length, like ultraviolet rays are said to cause damage to the eyes.

Blue color light are lights in the range of visible rays with high frequency. They are lights in-between 380nm to 530nm. (violet to blue lights)
They are worried that they may cause damage to the eyes since they have very short wave length like as ultraviolet rays.

In our daily life, we are covered with bright lights such as TV, PC monitors and LED lighting.Many of these lights emit a lot of "Blue color light" to emphasis the brightness.


 2. Photogrey Film

photochromic lens.png

  Indoor Protective Lens

In the room or at night, the lenses color are basically transparent, the same as the    ordinary lenses, like high light transmission performance, relieve visual fatigue,make you see the world more clear.

  Outdoor Protective Lens

Lens under the action of ultraviolet light in the sun color, ultraviolet dark color change, deep, shallow light-colored ultraviolet light, isolated from UV damage, anytime, anywhere to protect your eyes.

Coating Choice


Hard Coated

  Also can be called HC coating, is to enhance the hardness of the lens to prevent the substrate scratch

Hard Multi Coated

  Also can be called HMC or AR coating, is to protect the lens effectively from reflection

Super hydrophobic Coated

  Also can be called SHMC coating, is to make the lens waterproof, antistatic,  anti slip and oil resistance

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