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Why choose us:

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1. We are equipped with world advanced machines and facilities; cooperating with some international branded monomer company ; using European quality and management system. All of these guarantee the stable good lens quality.
2. 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and export of optical lenses, which makes us own more than 300 customers spread over 60 countries.
3. Lens items are quite complete including SV, BIFOCAL, PROGRESSIVE, PHOTOCHROMIC, BLUECUT, SUNLENS, POLARISED LENS, FINISHED & SF etc. You can get full range of optical lens from Aogang.
4. Expert new products research department makes us differ from others and new products can be suggested to our customers in due time.
5. Every year, we will exhibit at some optical exhibitions. You can find suitable time and place to talk with us face to face.





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