1.59 Polycarbonate RT-28 Bifocal Lenses
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1.59 Polycarbonate RT-28 Bifocal Lenses

  • 1.59 PC RT-28 HMC AR

  • Aogang

  • 1.59 PC RT-28 HMC AR

  • 1.59

  • 70/28MM

  • polycarbonate

  • 32

  • 1.21

  • 97%

  • HMC/AR/Anti-Reflective

  • SPH:-300~+300, ADD:+100~+350



Product Description


IndexMonomerAbbe valueSpecific Gravity
TransmissionCoatVision Place of origin
97%HMCRound Top-28 China

PC Features:


With the replacement of the lens Nowadays, the glass lens has gradually been replaced by the light and abrasion resistant optical resin lens. However, the technology is continuously improving. Now the PC lens with better quality has been developed and applied successfully to the optical industry. PC lens, also known as "space film", because of its excellent impact resistance, it also has a commonly known as bullet-proof glass. 
1) Greatest safety for all kinds of activities

PC lens have high resistance to breakage which makes them ideal for all types of sports in which your eyes need physical protection. The Aogang 1.59 optical lens can be used for the all the outdoor activities.
2) Benefits:                                                                                                                                       

● High impact material is safer to the energetic children Perfect protection to the eyes                                       

● Thin thickness, lightweight, light burden to children's nose bridge

● Suitable to all groups, especially the children and sportsmen

● Light and thin edge offer aesthetical appeal

● Suitable for all kinds of frames, especially rimless and half-rimless frames

● Block harmful UV lights and solar rays

● Good choice to those who do a lot of outdoor activities

● Good choice to those who love sports

● Break resistant and high-impact

Round Top

● This is a very convenient type of lens that allows the wearer to focus on objects both at close range and  far range through a single lens. 



● This type of lens is designed to enable  viewing of objects in the  distance, at  close range and in the  intermediate  distance with  corresponding changes in  power  for each distance.

Hard Multi Coated 1.50 Index Lenses , Round Top Prescription Eyeglass Lenses 28 Segment


Bifocal lens can be called a multi purpose lens. It has 2 different fields of vision in one visible lens. The larger of the lens usually has the prescription necessary for you to see for distance. However, this can also be your prescription for computer use or intermediate range, as you would normally be looking straight when you view through this particular part of the lens.


The lower part, also called the window, typically has your reading prescription. Since you generally look down to read, this is the logical place to put this range of vision assistance.


Hard Multi Coated 1.50 Index Lenses , Round Top Prescription Eyeglass Lenses 28 Segment


 Advantages of round-top bifocals

  1. The wearers can see the near things by the round shape and see the distance things by the rest of the lenses.

  2. The wearers don't need change two different visions glasses when they both reading book and watching TV.

  3. The wearers can keep the same posture when they look both the near thing or far thing



 Super Hydrophobic Coating:To  make the  lens  waterproof, antistatic,  anti slip and oil  resistance.


 AR Coating/Hard Multi  Coating: To protect  the lens  effectively from  reflection, enhance  functional and charity  of your vision


 Hard Coating:To make the uncoated lenses  are easily  subjected and  exposed to scratches

Hard Multi Coated 1.50 Index Lenses , Round Top Prescription Eyeglass Lenses 28 Segment

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